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We entered the space just like the rest of you: experimenting, winning, losing, and speculating, all in the quest for divine knowledge! (sort of)

There's very few that can solely claim 'we're in it for the tech', but we are truly excited by the rapid development of technology outside the meatspace, and consider ourselves lucky sers to speak with and support the teams doing God's work.

Simply put: we’re a young team navigating their way through an unprecedented digital forefront, passionate about the revolution that we currently see on our doorstep.

Our Ethos

As much as we love the tech and are excited for the future, we invest first and foremost in people.

Given we’re seeing innovation of key new verticals month in and month out, we take a thematic approach to our investments encompassing all things Web3, holding a particular gearing towards teams with decentralization in mind.

With our small crew and boutique approach to writing checks, our strategy could be likened more so to Angels than traditional VCs.

We've used the platforms, paid a week’s rent worth of gas in one transaction, and have woken up to your favourite alts pulling the rug.

We’ve experienced the problems and are actively looking for the companies providing the solutions.

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Week in Review | 22/05
Week in Review | 15/05
Last week the premier hard wallet introduced an update casually mentioning that your private keys are kind of, well, not private.

The tl;dr is that Ledger operates with closed-source firmware, so you’re trusting them from the get go. Sort of ironic in a space pushing trustlessness.

A lot of people were pushing back on the update, opting for a completely new device and leaving their keys alone. This makes sense, but the nature of blockchain tech has it constantly evolving with new chains and continual updates on each, so the wallets must also adapt accordingly.

Completely and utterly not financial advice, but for smooth-brains like me, maybe this is one of those ignorance is bliss cases.

Regarding the unpredictability of our current economic climate, Mr Clark, or better known as just ‘Horse’, made it clear that even those boasting more than 3 brain cells and 20+ years of market making and experience have absolutely f*ck all idea of where the market is heading.

So as a general rule of thumb: if you’re 100% sure of yourself and you haven’t been burned before, you’re probably wrong.

Speaking of people that are too sure of themselves, I should have known we were due for another Bitboy redemption arc.

It’s like he’s running a purely satirical account, but it’s all unironic.

Our Research

A super highway payment rail between Web3 and your legacy bank account.
Co-founder Jerome Faury and the team at Immersve are currently building out the ‘World’s First Multichain Payment Protocol’.

The tech stack boasts a decentralized credit card, allowing the average punter to spend his or her hard-earned digi-corns around the globe.

As an NZ-based team holding a core belief in an open metaverse and positioned well as core infrastructure within Futureverse, Immersve operates within the collision of digital and physical payment systems.
All of us have watched a video or played an online game where the stream starts to ‘lag’: the stream demands more than your internet can handle, and you just lost your game because you're 'lagging' 2 seconds behind everyone else.

Now, the videos you’ve been streaming have been two-dimensional, so imagine adding another dimension to this, and then trying to stream this information to your mobile device without any lag - no bueno.

Given this growing market, Mawari has created a solution to drastically reduce the ‘lag’. They provide on-demand streaming of 3D multimedia using magic cloud storage ,  allowing you to participate in all sorts of XR activities in real-time : gaming, business, medical, or whatever other funny buggers you get up to.
Where do we identify asymmetric risk/reward in a digital future?
Even better put... Where the money at?


Apes Stronger Together

Who are we? Who are you, anon?


Profit maxi.
Vocabulary is generally limited to ‘wen launch’ (surprisingly effective), and‘dev plz do something’.
A great example that no previous experience with tradfi may prove moreeffective in crypto.


R&D (Research and Degen)
Getting rekt and writing about it.
Apes first and thinks later, about as far as you can get from a stoic philosopher.
Still tries to enjoy life outside of the Metaverse, severely limiting his investment profitability.


1 of 4 remaining Reddit users
Nothing says pre-ICO OG knowledge like basementdwelling r/biz into the early hours of the morning.
NEON never manages to miss NASDAQ’s market open, in spite of residing in theSouthern Hemisphere.
Not shy of protecting our bags with his life.
“The great reset is upon us!”


Right-click saver
Poor Bjork, he really used to enjoy art.
Unfortunately it’s all just flips and $ signs now.
Legend has it that he may have amassed the largest Opensea hidden tab in history.
Could sell ice to eskimos.


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